On a whim, Patrick has decided that we should spend the last 6 or 7 months on the island in a nice cozy plush house. I have not deterred him. The poor guy has been through alot in the past 2 years , if he wants to live luxuriously for a few months who am I to deny him that ? It is just really funny how things work out, sometimes to our good.

Two days ago Patrick set out on his scooter with some addresses of places to look at, only for some strange reason he couldn’t find any of them. Needless to say he was beginning to get a bit frustrated, so he just decided to ride around calling Realtor numbers off of signs to see if they would consider renting. It really is a renter’s market around here right now with so many people looking to sell but no perspective buyers. His travels took him to an area we did not even really know existed, and happened to be quite a nice area. As he was driving along he spotted a Realtor sign and decided to call her. He told her who he was and where and asked if the owner would consider renting. The Realtor replied ” This is really strange because you beeped in while I was talking to that particular owner. I told her we need to get someone in there if only to pay the water bill for the pool” ( weird thing #1).

They decided to meet back at the house a couple of hours later to go over some details. Now, in our compound, we have become especially attached to the couple living right beside us, B & C , Patrick went home and excitedly told B what was going on and asked her if she wanted to go with him to meet the Realtor ( B&C are planning to leave as well). B is not a person who likes to “go places”, she is very happy to veg at home and just hang out , but she agreed to go with Patrick( Weird thing #2).

After seeing the house B&P became convinced that we two couples should rent it together. The house has a complete downstairs self sufficient unit, the only thing is we would have to share the kitchen. C is a very good chef that is employed by one of the better restaurants on the island so….we have no problem with that.  Late last night the four of us came to a consensus, and agreed it would be great , after we took C to see the place. This evening Patrick called me with the great news that we have been accepted. Now here is the exciting part. The house is a $750,000 dollar home , no older than 10 years old. It has fruit trees ( Banana, Mango and Avocado), and a waterfall in the back yard attached to a pool. We will be signing a 6 months lease, and the Realtor has assured us she will not sell it out from under us, any potential buyers would have to wait until our lease was up. The only negative is we have to agree to a 24 hour notice of the house being shown, meaning that the Realtor can bring perspective buyers to see the house as long as she gives us 24 hour notice. After the 6 months is up we can go month to month if we are still here and there have been no buyers. The best part of all is that moving into this veritable palace is that we will be SAVING MONEY, both couples will. We will have a savings of about $800.00 a month, B&C will be saving around $600.00 a month.

Long story short (too late I know), as of December 1st Patrick and I, as well as B & C, will be moving into our new home together. We are all very happy and excited, as the four of us have been talking about just this kind of scenario working out well between us. Who says good things don’t happen to great people ??!! I will post some pics as soon as I am able, after the first of the month. Oh yeah, and Lola will still have a fenced in yard to romp in, in addition to a pool when she gets overheated.  🙂