Well, Boys and girls it looks like the posh dwelling will be ours!!! Patrick and I went and signed the lease last Friday. We are now collecting boxes and newspaper to wrap our treasured valuables in. By the way does anyone know how to transport 2 fish , just in a baggie ?? I digress. So all that needs to be done is the getting of keys (11/28/08), and the moving in ( 12/1,2,&3, 2008). On the same day we get the keys we will be preparing and holding our annual Gypsy Thanksgiving. Something Patrick and I have done for all of our friends that have no where else to go , or are working on Thursday.  This year we are planning to cook 2 turkeys and a ham! Most of the “fixings” are being brought by others. For the past 2 years we have had the tradition of giving everyone plain christmas balls and paint and then they make us a decoration for our tree. That is the best, because when we do our tree we are reminded of all of those we have loved and have passed through our lives in the past years.

Also some good news on the Workman’s Comp Front. Patrick’s final Medical evaluation will be on Dec 23 rd . WC has about 3-4 months after this exam to have made on offer to Patrick, it looks as though we will be on course to be back in the PNW just as we thought late Spring/ Early Summer. So as we wrap up the move and gear up for our Gypsy Thanksgiving, I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, may you be full of light, love and Turkey with Giblet gravy( and save room for the Jellied Cranberry sauce). Also here is hoping that you get to spend some quality time with those who know you and love you best!! Before you know it it will be “the season”. Happy Turkey day to you all, and to all a good night!