We are in the new place….and Lovin’ it so far. It has a very homey feel to it. Not that our place at the compound didn’t it was just that the owner there lived on the mainland and did not see how run down it had become. The only complaint I have at this point is the whole living out of boxes phase of the move. It seems as if our boxes have spawned boxes. With my work now starting to get a bit busier with Holiday parties I am not home enough to do a whole lot and Patrick can only do bits and pieces. Slowly but surely we will get it done, all of the essentials are unboxed. The only other thing I have to complain about is Cable may not be able to come and set us up until December 23rd. They are trying to come out before then if they can make room or have a cancellation. If you though my posts were sporadic before, just you wait.

In other news we may be going to get our Christmas tree, and yet another stand on Monday or Tuesday while I have off. Aside on the Christmas tree stand, is there some other mystical force that eats Christmas tree stands, like the socks in the dryer thing? I am beginning to think there is. We have to buy a new stand each year, we can never find our stand from the previous year. As you can tell I spruced up the ol’Blogarino for the holidays. Speaking of the Holidays I wish all of you both old and new readers alike a wonderful Holiday Season filled with Light, Love, Laughter and Happiness. May you be surrounded by those who love you best and know you the most !! Season’s Greetings to you all, and to all a good day!