I actually am taking time to write a post ! Can you stand it ???

Anywhooo I hope that all of my friends/readers/stalkers/insert your title here,will be glad to see me back. So, this is 2009 huh?? Sheeeesh where does the time go? I remember when my partner Marty was laughing at all the folks who were afraid of  Y2K. But as they say time and tide wait for no man, true dat.

This is the start of the 4th year of this here blog o ‘mine. It was actually birthed on Jan11,2006. Truth be told I have missed it. Really I have. There have been times that I thought about closing down but I like to write in it as much as I like to read others as time permits. Lets see, lets see, what’s going on in our lives right now…..?

Patrick has finally had his Independent Medical exam from his WC case which means that everything will be wrapping up soon. With the way the economy is right now I do not know if we will be rushing off to Portland right away or not, time will tell. Although, the HR director of the resort I work in is moving to Portland to be head of district HR ( or whatever fancy title they are giving her). I have already told her I am thinking of coming back, she told me to give her my info before she left and she would keep me in mind. If  I can transfer to another property within the company, things will be much easier.

OH!!! Two things that I am really excited about is A) One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is coming to visit us at the end of February ( HollaJessica !!!),and B) She will be greeted by a BRAND NEW PUPPY ( so new that we can’t even have her for another week). Patrick asked and I can NOT say no to him, the stipulation I told him was that getting rid of this one can NOT be an option. Yes, Lola may have a rough transition period but as soon as she establishes her dominance in the house things will be good.

As for me I am still doing what I do most ……working alot. It seems that this lil recession has not hit our resort as badly as some others, right now we are at 90% occupancy and next week we have a group of 1400 coming, something to be said for working at a “destination resort” I suppose.

I am going to stop right here for now , don’t want to give you info overload , after being gone for so long. Plus that insures that I will be back I have plenty more to say!! plus I will have to post pics of nameless, and reveal her name when all is right. Basically I just wanted to let you all know that you have been missed, and I have been peeking in via RSS feeds from time to time. I hope you all had a great holiday season and know that each and every one of you is destine to have an even better year in’09!!