I am bad I know, saying I am gonna do more to keep this blog afloat and then not doing so. In my defense I have been raising a puppy, with Patrick’s help of course. Who am I kidding, I am almost never home. I do try to get the pup away from Patrick when I do get home so we can have some bonding time as well. But most of my time with her has been potty walks and a bit of playing around. I am not sure how many times I have said ” No Biting ” or “No Hoku, that’s Lola’s, or even “C’mon Hoku lets go potty OUTSIDE. In the end it will all be worth it . She is SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWLLYYY coming around to the realization that we are not being firm to scare her but to teach her.

Lola has also taken a slow approach to even showing an interest in her at all. It is hard , however, to ignore something that is constantly nipping at your feet, nose and tail. Lola has given a heroic effort in the battle to ignore her though. Patrick busted her today , he caught her playing tug o war with the pup and slinging her halfway across the room.

Hoku, by the way is Hawaiian for Star, because she has a lil white star on her forehead, and because Patrick wanted a Hawaiian name. To see pictures of her you can go Here. Just click to make them bigger. Oh, and speaking of bigger I swear to God above that every time she closes her eyes , even for a second , when she opens them she has gotten bigger. She just celebrated her 2 month birthday!