Lets start off with some good news, our newest addition Hoku (Star in Hawaiian), is actually really fitting into the family well. Lola has accepted her and they pretty much wrestle and play all day long. It is fun to watch them play tug o’ war and have Lola throw her across the room. That will not continue for long though, since every time Hoku sleeps she wakes up bigger.

Patrick has bee completely released by his WC Surgeon. Our next big choice is whether or not he go through Vocational rehab or skip that and get a bigger settlement. If he does VR , we will be in Maui another 6-8 months. If not we may be back in Portland by August.

Now for the bad news, I have decided to take a break from the blog world, I am not shutting down. It’s just been a very vicious cycle with me wanting to write , then forgetting to write , then feeling bad about not updating. I guess I have been on a break for quite a bit but now I am making it official.

I can not shut down because we are about to begin a whole new chapter and that IS something I want to keep my few faithful readers updated on. So I will be back, I just don’t know when, and I am tired of kicking myself for that not knowing. Some folks who had me on their blogroll have deleted me and I don’t blame them one bit. Hell, I don’t even know if I would have added me to my blogroll anyway. So, I guess this is goodbye to some because I am sure you all have better things to do than check to see if I posted or not. To those it really is good bye to…..it’s been fun, swell even take care of yourselves. To the rest of  you I just have to ask you to have faith and patience , that Life with Lola is not dead….only sleeping. I will be back to regale you with more tales soon ! Peace, Love and Happiness to you all.