Just wanted to share a few things;

1) It seems as though the light at the end of the tunnel , was not a train. Patrick should be hearing on Monday or Tuesday from his workman’s comp Lawyer to reach a settlement. We could be in Portland by late July,early August. We are going to be tourists on a few other Islands before we come back.

2) The new puppy, will reach her 5 month  birthday on May 5th, she is  growing like a freakin weed.  She has finally learned how to jump onto the couch, much to Lola’s chagrin. The couch was Lola’s time out from the puppy , when Hoku bothered her too much, Lola would hop up on the couch.

3) I went on a book buying binge at a used bookstore here on Maui, called The friends of the Library Used Bookstore, I got 14 books for $2.40. One of the books was The Complete works of Sherlock Holmes ;all 4 novels and 56 short stories  , inside this book was an inscription ;

To Scott

Here’s hoping for much fun and many adventures

Love , Dad  Christmas 1990

Apparently I am not the only Holmes lover named Scott.:)