Now that I have written a post describing what has been going on in my life, I wanted to share a good thing. If any of you have family that you are separated from by miles or differences you will understand what I am writing about.

Weddings and Funerals, weddings and funerals that is the extent of the contact with my extended family for years ( way too many to mention). Then it got to be no one was marrying, or passing that I could get away for, and before you know it 15/20 years went by in, what seemed like , the blink of an eye.  Cousins that I last saw in diapers, or had just heard of their births were all at my Mom’s bedside, or in the waiting room. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and friends from all over Pa. were at my Mommas Memorial.  You see THAT was my Mom’s parting gift, to me and to all of us. We have vowed that it will not be another 15/20 years before we speak again. We have reconnected, and in today’s world with Facebook and multiple social websites it will be easier than ever to keep our promises.

My vow to my cousins is not so much a vow to them as it is a promise to my Mom. A promise that I saw, and recognized, her last legacy, my family. My Mom was a teacher not by word , but by example, of the power of Love and what it can do. I vowed both aloud to my family, and silently to my mom that I will not throw away this gift, this opportunity to reconnect with those I have had a disconnect with. I hope that they take it as seriously as I do. But as for me, I know my vow will remain unbroken, in honor of the one who taught me to love, I will NOT allow myself to become estranged from my family again.