Some, most, alright a couple of you who have spoken to me via chat or on the phone etc know that I am a smoker. Yes I know filthy habit, I should have quit when all my friends told me to. Of course, many of the ones who told me to quit were the reason I picked up the habit in the first place. Well, all of that is about to change! As of 12AM Thursday night/Friday morning, I will no longer have that monkey on my back.

Okay, really, who am I kidding? The monkey will still be there, but I will slllloooowwwwlllyyyyy be peeling him from my back. Nicoderm CQ patches?? CHECK.  Dr Appointment on Monday to see about Chantix??? CHECK. Down to my last few ciggies ??? No, I bought a pack this morning , but I was out and I still have today. Yeah I COULD have quit today, but I have had my sights set on the 17th for a month. Don’t want to mess up the Juju.

The reason for this decision? While I was in Pa, one of my Aunts ( who has a Masters degree in the Nursing field) expressed some concerns about COPD being hereditary. So I told her , that I would pick my date 7/17. Which is Patrick’s Birthday ( and my Aunt’s as it turns out). In the long run, I am doing this for me ….for Patrick and for the quality of life I wish to have going forward. But I suppose you could say it is my Mom’s last gift to me. I am sure she will be watching and spurring me on when it gets tough and I really need a cig. I hope I will give her one last reason to be proud of her boy!!