Due to some drama on the Portland front, it looks like we may not be staying in the house we had planned to buy. I can’t really go any further into detail here but if you want more info let me know and I will email ya. But all this new stuff makes me feel as if I have no real direction at this point, that we are just drifting with no real goal, not that we even have Patrick’s settlement yet because we DON’T , but now with the latest happenings I am not even sure if Oregon will be here we land. Percentage wise I would still say 70% for Portland 30% somewhere else. And the fact that we have decided to pass on the house our friend owns, makes it even  harder to begin to formulate a plan. Forgive me for rambling, but this post is really more of a thought proccess for me . And I am on day 2 of no ciggies, so I am a bit fuzzy. But seriously if you wanna hear about the drama let me know I will share it on a more private medium.  : P