+ 10,000 coolness points if you get the lame Rocky Horror reference there.

If you know me , or have known me for any length of time one of the Major things you will know is that I LOVE to read ( if you didn’t know that about me but have known me for awhile ….uh….Hi my name is Scott and I love to read). It’s hard to get past really. I. LOVE. BOOKS. I love bookstores , I love talking about books and bookstores etc, etc this could go on the whole post BUT I DO have a point.

This book is my latest obsession . It is awesome, and I can not stop thinking about it. Work has been kicking my butt lately so I don’t get large gaps of reading time for now, but it is almost  always in the back of my mind. Once again thank you to  GOODREADS for bringing me into contact with other people who know good books. I am only on page 168 0f 944 pages. If you find that daunting, know that each page flies by as you fall more and more in love with ALL the characters, India, and Bombay most of all. I can not recommend it highly enough. The only thing that bugs me is I waited too long to read it.  I had a group of people who were reading it and I passed. Now I am reading it alone. The good news is they are friends so I can still bring up discussion points with them.  : )