Aloha from the sunny shores of Paradise ( also known as  Maui).  I am gonna let you guys in on a little secret………….. I haven’t been around much in the past few months. TADAH!!!!!!! There, now you know. But I am going to try to do better in 2010. No …No …..I mean it , really.  : )  The reason for this is many fold , but to keep it short and sweet, I will give you the Reader’s Digest version. I say many fold , but by saying that, I mean 3 fold :

1)  I am really kinda sorta missing blogging, and the friends and readers ( though not many), I have gotten to know because of this thing.

2)  2 of my very good friends have just started Blogs, so I want you to visit them ( though they do both mainly deal with books). In my blogroll you will find The Next Best Book Blog, and the other is Boof’s Bookshelf. As I said, they are really good friends of mine, from the place that took me away from blogging as much  ( better known as GoodReads).

3) Many exciting things are going to be happening for  Patrick, the girls ( Lola and Hoku) and I.  Patrick is completely done with his Workman’s Comp case almost 3 years after the fact. We will be moving back to our beloved Portland in late Spring, and let’s just say I want to keep my readers in the loop as to where we are in all of our new journey.

So….if you guys can stand to read  me write and rant and talk about all kinds of  kooky stuff …..then stay tuned……..I am Back!!!!! That is if you’ll have me ! Here’s hoping you will!!  = )