…. another year is almost gone.  It’s also hard to believe that in just 10 days I will be 44 years of age, yeah, that’s right, 44. If ya think about it, that may actually be half of my life, if I am lucky.

Some of you might remember, the rough time we were having with our downstairs neighbors, who were once our friends, B & C. If you don’t remember, last year Patrick’s Christmas day was ruined by our downstairs neighbors, having a Christmas party while I was at work……only they had it in our part of the house. Jog any memories??  We got in a big fight and someone called the cops…..on Christmas night. Yeah, that’s the kind of folk we seem to attract. Earlier in the year we had the crazy homeless pregnant lady with us. Good times. I kinda wish I knew B & C’s new address, I want to sent them a card and then write in it, “Happy Holidays ,  Hope no Cops are called”  or something witty like that.

This year the house is all ours ,with no creatures stirring downstairs, no not even a mouse.  But then, a good friend of ours R is coming out for a few months. He is bringing his new Girlfriend. He lived here, on Maui,  before and worked with Patrick, he soon became a very important person, as a matter of fact, he is one of the greatest friends a person can have. In that way the last memories that we have of Maui will be good ones.  Unless , of course, there is some kind of evil Island Juju going on in our downstairs and they both turn into whack jobs too. But, I do not see that happening. They are going to find jobs and stay with us until March , and help us load the container bound for Portland  !!!!

 Also hard to believe, the sheer Chaos that will engulf us as we begin our trek back to the mainland. I am very excited about living in Portland again, even if they do find our frozen bodies huddled together for warmth once it gets below 60 degrees. : ) Even though all of these things are Hard to believe, I am excited about them all. And can not wait to start our new adventure!