Patrick and I tried to be smart this year, really, I mean alot of thought went into the whole tree thing. The reason being, while Hoku did turn 1 year old on December 5th, really she is still a pup. So this year , instead of a real tree with all of it’s smelly wonder we opted for a fake plastic no smell tree. Hoku LOVES to gnaw on branches and sticks, so that part was a no brainer.

What we gave very little though to was the ornaments. I mean yeah, I jokingly told my older sister that it was better to sacrifice a few ornaments than a whole branch or branches. Little did I know of my gift of prophecy. Yesterday while I was at work P went with some friends to do some more shopping, which means the dogs were alone, which, NORMALLY, is not a problem, unless there is a huge tree in the livingroom with shiny things on it, that look alot like the Balls we throw at the park. Throw in a bored pup and you have a recipe for disaster.

I called Patrick from work, just to chat and see if he was home yet. He very shortly told me he had made it home but couldn’t talk because there was glass strewn all over. even in the bedroom and on the bed. Apparently Ornaments are like potato chips or french fries, you can’t eat just one. I gave P about an hour then called him back to make sure Hoku was okay. She is fine no cuts in her mouth or feet, so I guess there is something to be grateful for. Not to be gross but this morning during there potty walk, Hoku’s poop looked a bit like what I imagine Santa’s would look like, full of pretty glitter and styrofoam, I just hope she didn’t eat any glass, but only time will tell. 🙂  I only wish we had a nanny cam installed so we could have seen her in all her ornament shattering Glory. For those ornaments , sacrificed for the greater good, I humbly apologize.