I am not sure if this is an Island thing or a universal one but, in the past 2 months both Patrick and I have had dealings with Doctors who are almost unbearable to deal with………. allow me to regale you with our tales ( no, not our butts you perverts).

My Story;

About a week ago I called my Dr’s prescription hotline to get refills of 3 medicines I take. The next day I called my local pharmacy, to see if they had been called in. 2 of the three had, but the one I use at night was not. I take Valium at night because if I don’t I have back spasms and twitch all night not allowing Patrick any kind of restive sleep. The Dr I called is the one who TOLD me to take them. So, like any confused patient, I called his office to see why I did not get that specific refill. I was told by his assistant that the Dr REALLY NEEDED TO SEE ME because I had missed my last 3 appointments.
Allow me to clarify. Appt. #1 THEY called me and told me my Dr was stuck on the mainland and therefore was UNABLE to see me. APPT #2. THEY called me and told me the Dr was only working a half day and would be unable to see me. APPT #3 I got called into work because we had a group of over 2700 in house and they needed me. So, in all actuality, I only did not show up for 1 appt. right ??? or am I mistaken??? And really, does that give you the RIGHT to refuse me a medication that YOU put me on in the first place??? What happened to the oath you took when you became a Dr ?? I held my tounge and made a new appt. for March 2nd at which I will let my Dr know how I feel about this whole clusterfuck. I have nothing to loose, since I will be moving back to Portland on April 7th.

Patrick’s Ordeal;

Last Tuesday Patrick had some work done on his Tattoo. For the next 2 days he did not stir from the bed, except to go the the lil boy’s room. By Thursday I was freakin’ out a bit, and decided that when I got home he was either going to the Hospital or making an appt. with his Dr for Friday. Needless to say, things were not better when I got home. 911 was called and Patrick went to the ER with me shortly behind him in the car. He was very non-responsive and lethargic. When I got there the first Dr basically just said he was a druggie who had overdosed on the meds ( some narcotic) that he has been on for over 3 years. I said to him “well, that is odd because since he has done nothing but sleep for the past 2 days he hasn’t been taking any of his meds.” This guy was Numero Uno Asswipe. He started to push on P’s stomach and yell really loud and clap his hands right in front of P’s face. Thankfully, he never came back in, we had a new Dr. within the hour. I still didn’t leave til 2:30 AM and Patrick ,it turned out, did NOT overdose, but had an infection that, if I had waited longer, could have resulted in the loss of his arm. He was in the Hospital for almost 3 days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know Drs work alot of hours, that they deal with things that we can not imagine, and they are not really treated with respect until they prove themselves in their field. I also know that a little bit of compassion and actual care goes a long way to help the healing process. Also I am not trying to make sweeping general statements ( which I loathe), I know there are some great Doctors out there and have had a few myself ( well not biblically had, but you know). I just don’t see how getting 2 letters behind your last name, gives you the right to treat others as if they are beneath you.

*** I am now jumping off of , and burning that particular soap box ***