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The container which Ryan,Patrick,Shannon and I have lovingly packed, leaves tomorrow. Ryan & Shannon leave the following day. One week later Patrick and I leave with the dogs to follow on Thursday. All of that is really enough to cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown. But……but….I don’t feel one coming on. Now, that might be because P has already had enough breakdowns for us both ….or it could be that I am confident. Confident that the friendship I have made with Shannon and the one I have deepened with Ryan will continue long after we are dust. Confident that the container was packed with enough care that no items will break. Confident in the fact that I know we are doing the right thing by leaving Maui now.

Make no mistakes, just because I am confident does not make the leaving easier. Despite the fact that bad things happened to both P and myself on Maui, I will miss it. But here is the thing……’s not going anywhere. It will be here waiting for us when we need a break from the mainland hullabaloo. And if the saying is true, that a memory is a photograph your heart takes…well then I have plenty of those to take along as well. I am confident, in Love, in Friendships but most of all, of the fact that there are more friends to find and love, and many more photographs to take with my heart.


A Farewell to Books

Today, I have to do something that most bibliophiles would cringe to do…….. I am taking 4 boxes of books to my local Library. For them to keep. Which means they will no longer be mine. Only a matter of time before spines are broken, pages are dog eared and pages get creased. But that’s ok…I won’t be dealing with them then.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am ANAL about the condition of my books,I do NOT lend them to friends unless they heed my strict guidelines. When I lived in Portland before and I would take books back for store credit they would most times ask me if I even read them. When I am buying a new book I can take up to 15/20 minutes to find the "right one" no blemishes smooth pristine, that’s the way I like ’em. But, enough about me ……more on my books. I knew, when we started talking about moving that this day would come…..and…..hey, I have read them already. In a geeky way though, it’s kinda like loosing a friend ( ok I said geeky). And on a slightly happier note the 2 boxes of unread books I do get to take are twice as big as the boxes I am giving away. Plus they are going to a good cause. Kinda selfish really to keep them, after I have read them (some more than once). The love needs to be shared with many, not just kept to ones self. So good bye old friends…….I can not promise you a good home , but at least you will be read, and that’s what you were meant for. If it makes you happy, know that once I reach Portland your numbers will grow exponentially.

I am going to share a secret, a secret that has spanned generations and generations, which only a chosen few have been privy to, ( well maybe EVERYONE KNOWS IT but I like to feel special). Books MULTIPLY, yes that’s right, just like bunnies, they grow from each other. The reason I know this You may ask ? Well, being the good sport I am, I will answer. I have already packed away the books I am taking back to Portland and yet, AND YET, while looking through my nightstand there are 5 books awaiting my perusal….WTF, I only remember putting 3 in there. Two of which apparently liked each other alot and spawned two more. Reading is a heavy burden to bear …….but I suppose I will just have to read all five in the near future, can’t let them feel unloved now can I ?

Unless you have been living under a rock, for the past 2 years or so you know the economy is NOT what it once was. That being said, I am of course looking for a job when I reach Portland. I am trying to keep my job with the hotel chain I work with, but that now looks like it might not happen. Needless to say while perusing the internet the other day I came up with NIL, ZERO, GOOSE EGG jobs in the chain I work for. Now I am not usually one who freaks out easily….every time I have needed a job I have found one, this time however I was freakin’ out a bit. So, naturally, I called my spouse/partner/husband/reason for living, and we had a good old-fashioned “you need to think outside the box/ Hospitality arena” conversation. He then went on to tell me how great I would be at any number of things I put my mind to. Granted, we are not leaving with nothing, we have P’s Settlement money, plus I should have a pretty hefty last check. And, yes, I know the cost of living in Portland is much lower than Paradise. Thanks to my soul mate, we ended the conversation with me KNOWING we will be ok. Just one more reason to add to my ever-growing list of why I am so happy to have found my other half.

Culture Shock

I would like to preface this post with the fact that the 5 and a half years we have lived on Maui, I have loved (except for the 7 months I was laid up with a shattered knee cap in a brace from my groin to my ankle). You will not find me bashing any locals anytime soon ( tourists yes…..and rightfully so ), but locals NO WAY. You can always tell a local Hawaiian, they are the ones with the laid back attitudes throwing Shaka’s at every turn. Smiling and greeting most everyone they meet. There is more Historical culture in Hawaii then I can pin point. I know I told you when we first moved here it was almost living in another country. Their stories and legends are captivating to say the least with a cast of characters ranging from Maui himself, Pele, Neptune, Poseidon and some more down to earth, Iz comes to mind as does Don Ho and King Kamehameha ect. The presence of the “Aloha Spirit” anywhere you go, the strength of the peoples Mana or Spirit, it truly is amazing.

Now, as we journey back to the mainland, I am going to be having a type of reverse culture shock, if you will. Traffic, smog, cold, but good things too. Saturday Market, Tom McCall Waterfront park, First Thursday, looking at the skyline of good old Portland and counting it’s many bridges. Looking way too hard for where to go to dinner because there are soooooo many choices. Live Theatre, Concerts at the Zoo more than one brand name book store, TARGET. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat ( maybe sans all of Patrick’s and my health issues). But when we moved here, we told ourselves we would try it and see how long we could make it work, I think over 5 years is a pretty good run. My Nomad blood wants new horizons. However, Maui will always be in my heart as a place held dear. The people, places and things I have experienced here will be with me always. Plus no one has ever said we won’t be back.

You know how sometimes you just Can not remember something, like a name ,or title to a movie etc. Well take for example my new friend Shannon ( Hi Shannon). We were driving around one day and we got to talking about the movie African Queen. She said “you know that movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine what’s her name”. Now ….me being the raging ‘mo that I am took great affront to her NOT remembering Katherine Hepburn’s last name ( OH THE HUMANITY)!!!! I ribbed her about it for a long time, truth be told I still do ,and our trip was in January. Plus we have had a few other occasions to use it since. But rather than have people think we are dumb ( yes it has happened to me as well) we coined a new phrase. We are not stupid we have just had a “momentary lapse of perfection.” It suits the two of us very well, because,like Mary Poppins, we are both “practically perfect in every way.”

So the next time you can’t remember a name,place,title what have you,feel free to use our phrase. I know some of you, and I am sure it will come in handy, should you need some witty comeback. Use it liberally, you never know what kind of scene it might get you out of……don’t believe me ………just ask Shannon.  : )

Time she is a Flyin’

Who woulda thunk that March 1st would arrive so soon. Not like I have been around much , but I may be around even less in the coming month. Packing tape has been bought. My books have been gone through to see what I want to sell. Boxes and bubble wrap are being picked up tomorrow, as well as the doggie crates. Closets are being cleaned out tonight. We also have to plan our moving sale dates. Hotel dates are set up in the Downtown Hilton in Portland as we look for a home. Any Portlanders* who read me …..look for cute homes with fenced yards for rent in your neighborhoods, we will be there before ya know it. A new adventure awaits!!!!!!!!!

*** For those in Portland our arrival at the Portland Hilton and Towers is April 8th – the 14th. If you would like to met us during that time let me know in a comment I will then email my phone number. ***