Who woulda thunk that March 1st would arrive so soon. Not like I have been around much , but I may be around even less in the coming month. Packing tape has been bought. My books have been gone through to see what I want to sell. Boxes and bubble wrap are being picked up tomorrow, as well as the doggie crates. Closets are being cleaned out tonight. We also have to plan our moving sale dates. Hotel dates are set up in the Downtown Hilton in Portland as we look for a home. Any Portlanders* who read me …..look for cute homes with fenced yards for rent in your neighborhoods, we will be there before ya know it. A new adventure awaits!!!!!!!!!

*** For those in Portland our arrival at the Portland Hilton and Towers is April 8th – the 14th. If you would like to met us during that time let me know in a comment I will then email my phone number. ***