You know how sometimes you just Can not remember something, like a name ,or title to a movie etc. Well take for example my new friend Shannon ( Hi Shannon). We were driving around one day and we got to talking about the movie African Queen. She said “you know that movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine what’s her name”. Now ….me being the raging ‘mo that I am took great affront to her NOT remembering Katherine Hepburn’s last name ( OH THE HUMANITY)!!!! I ribbed her about it for a long time, truth be told I still do ,and our trip was in January. Plus we have had a few other occasions to use it since. But rather than have people think we are dumb ( yes it has happened to me as well) we coined a new phrase. We are not stupid we have just had a “momentary lapse of perfection.” It suits the two of us very well, because,like Mary Poppins, we are both “practically perfect in every way.”

So the next time you can’t remember a name,place,title what have you,feel free to use our phrase. I know some of you, and I am sure it will come in handy, should you need some witty comeback. Use it liberally, you never know what kind of scene it might get you out of……don’t believe me ………just ask Shannon.  : )