I would like to preface this post with the fact that the 5 and a half years we have lived on Maui, I have loved (except for the 7 months I was laid up with a shattered knee cap in a brace from my groin to my ankle). You will not find me bashing any locals anytime soon ( tourists yes…..and rightfully so ), but locals NO WAY. You can always tell a local Hawaiian, they are the ones with the laid back attitudes throwing Shaka’s at every turn. Smiling and greeting most everyone they meet. There is more Historical culture in Hawaii then I can pin point. I know I told you when we first moved here it was almost living in another country. Their stories and legends are captivating to say the least with a cast of characters ranging from Maui himself, Pele, Neptune, Poseidon and some more down to earth, Iz comes to mind as does Don Ho and King Kamehameha ect. The presence of the “Aloha Spirit” anywhere you go, the strength of the peoples Mana or Spirit, it truly is amazing.

Now, as we journey back to the mainland, I am going to be having a type of reverse culture shock, if you will. Traffic, smog, cold, but good things too. Saturday Market, Tom McCall Waterfront park, First Thursday, looking at the skyline of good old Portland and counting it’s many bridges. Looking way too hard for where to go to dinner because there are soooooo many choices. Live Theatre, Concerts at the Zoo more than one brand name book store, TARGET. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat ( maybe sans all of Patrick’s and my health issues). But when we moved here, we told ourselves we would try it and see how long we could make it work, I think over 5 years is a pretty good run. My Nomad blood wants new horizons. However, Maui will always be in my heart as a place held dear. The people, places and things I have experienced here will be with me always. Plus no one has ever said we won’t be back.