Today, I have to do something that most bibliophiles would cringe to do…….. I am taking 4 boxes of books to my local Library. For them to keep. Which means they will no longer be mine. Only a matter of time before spines are broken, pages are dog eared and pages get creased. But that’s ok…I won’t be dealing with them then.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am ANAL about the condition of my books,I do NOT lend them to friends unless they heed my strict guidelines. When I lived in Portland before and I would take books back for store credit they would most times ask me if I even read them. When I am buying a new book I can take up to 15/20 minutes to find the "right one" no blemishes smooth pristine, that’s the way I like ’em. But, enough about me ……more on my books. I knew, when we started talking about moving that this day would come…..and…..hey, I have read them already. In a geeky way though, it’s kinda like loosing a friend ( ok I said geeky). And on a slightly happier note the 2 boxes of unread books I do get to take are twice as big as the boxes I am giving away. Plus they are going to a good cause. Kinda selfish really to keep them, after I have read them (some more than once). The love needs to be shared with many, not just kept to ones self. So good bye old friends…….I can not promise you a good home , but at least you will be read, and that’s what you were meant for. If it makes you happy, know that once I reach Portland your numbers will grow exponentially.