The container which Ryan,Patrick,Shannon and I have lovingly packed, leaves tomorrow. Ryan & Shannon leave the following day. One week later Patrick and I leave with the dogs to follow on Thursday. All of that is really enough to cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown. But……but….I don’t feel one coming on. Now, that might be because P has already had enough breakdowns for us both ….or it could be that I am confident. Confident that the friendship I have made with Shannon and the one I have deepened with Ryan will continue long after we are dust. Confident that the container was packed with enough care that no items will break. Confident in the fact that I know we are doing the right thing by leaving Maui now.

Make no mistakes, just because I am confident does not make the leaving easier. Despite the fact that bad things happened to both P and myself on Maui, I will miss it. But here is the thing……’s not going anywhere. It will be here waiting for us when we need a break from the mainland hullabaloo. And if the saying is true, that a memory is a photograph your heart takes…well then I have plenty of those to take along as well. I am confident, in Love, in Friendships but most of all, of the fact that there are more friends to find and love, and many more photographs to take with my heart.