I like many others I have spoken to really were waiting with great anticipation for this movie to come out. Don’t get me wrong I love Cher and it really was great to see her in a movie again. Throw in Christina and you would think that it would be awesome. It just seemed to me that the producers and director had a meeting and said "Hey we have Cher and Christina in a lot of scenes together….who needs plot." Or let me rephrase….it had a plot, there was just nothing new in it. Without giving too much away,there were just way too many archetypes in this movie. The struggling older mentor, the bad guy who is just trying to "get ahead", the small town girl with big aspirations and maybe the secret to save the struggling older mentor…you get the picture I am sure.

All of the above make for an okay movie,but you leave with the feeling of having seen it all before. Now do not get me wrong. It was good to see Cher on the big screen again, the songs were great, costumes were awesome and Christina did a great job with this being her first movie. So,let’s just suffice to say that,although the movie may not be gracing my DVD collection when it comes out, the soundtrack will absolutely have a place in my CD rack,as well as a spot in my Ipod.