Apart from Thanksgiving and Christmas , I think New Years Eve falls into spot #3 in my most favorite holiday list. Just think of all the possibilities, fresh slate, wipe the board clean etc etc . I am not the kind of person that normally makes resolutions, or even really thinks about the things one could do with 365 freshly baked days ahead of them. I am not a planner, I don’t make lists. I live my life pretty much seat o’the pants and swing from one week to the next, blissfully unaware of time passing until 365 days later, when I look up and say “can you believe another year has flown by ? ”

But this year I feel a change coming on , I doubt I will become a list-maker person or become completely an organizational zen master. Nor do I really know why I feel the need for a change. Perhaps it is because I hit the big 45 this year. Maybe it is because this has been an incredibly hard year for us,again not sure, but, I am seriously thinking about rekindling my blogging efforts. I know that more blogs are dying all the time, and perhaps the time of the blog is long gone, swept away while making room on the fresh slate. As for me, I miss it, I miss the connections it helped me form, I miss the cathartic nature of writing and let’s face it I kinda feel bad for letting it (the blog) slip this badly in disrepair and limbo. There are a few things that I will NOT be committing to, writing everyday is not going to happen, I will not be feeling bad because it doesn’t. Also reconnecting with my Goodreads folks will be happening,along with that, is more reading. Sadly enough, my reading habits have fallen way down in this the year of transition. Although I will not be committing to a million things these are 3 that I really do miss. This list of things I want to achieve may not seem like much to you, I could bore you all with the balancing my checkbook weekly, or joining a gym, or eating better, but I won’t. These 3 things are in my top 10, because they mean something to me and I enjoy them, that leaves 7 others though, maybe not as enjoyable,  but they will be just as helpful as 2011 rolls on.

So in a nut shell WordPress, Powells and Goodreads beware, I am coming back to you all. My wish for any readers I still have left, are for an easier 2011,filled with way more ups than there will be downs and a joy filled rest of the Holiday season. As always I wish you all Light,Love,Friendships, Joy and Laughter, for the remainder of the season and throughout your New Year.