Things happen…..and sometimes,when things happen drama may ensue. The thing about drama is you never really know when or where it is going to show up, I suppose that is what makes it dramatic. But I digress….on to the story.

One day last week, while I was at work, I called our house to check in on the goings on. Patrick answered and I could tell something was afoot, he sounded frazzled and distracted. I then asked him how his day had been. His response was “You will not believe the day I have had.” I told him to try me……. apparently he had been making some popcorn and had left it in the microwave too long allowing it to burn. Patrick, deciding to eat the good kernels anyway  took it from the kitchen into the living room. Here is where drama comes in, the smoke from the bag of popcorn activated one of our smoke detectors, as they have a habit of doing, and started shrieking it’s lovely alarm.

Now for a little back story, Lola, as many dogs do I suppose, really hates the sound of a fire alarm. She quickly gets upset and starts crying and barking, as she did in this case. Hoku, completely oblivious as to why Lola was so upset then began barking and whining too,because,hey,let’s face it, if Lola was doing it she wanted in. Patrick ran over to the alarm and tried shutting off it’s piercing shriek, but could not reach the button. So as anyone might do, who had two whining dogs at his feet, he took it down from the wall and went outside with it. All the while the alarm still just a’shrieking. And, of course when P went outside he did not shut the door all the way and the girls brought the ruckus outside, which in turn brought out a neighbor. Try as he might P could not get the cover off to remove the battery, so he asked our neighbor for some help. Neither could get the cover off, so Patrick, in a spark of genius, ran in and got a towel, in which he wrapped the alarm. He then took it and put it in the spare fridge in the garage……where it remains….about a week later. I am sure the battery is dead by now, but after all the above would  YOU want to go check ??? I almost fainted from lack of oxygen to my brain, from laughing so hard while listening to this story, I hope you did too.

More to come………