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Here we are again

Two days until Thanksgiving 2011. Man times sure does fly as you get older huh ? Today is one of my Nephew’s 23rd birthday……  23rd  did ya get that ??? Sheesh, I feel ancient just typing that. But seriously Dave….hope you have /had a great Bday and many more to come. : ) Plus one of  my OLDER sisters turns 48 on Saturday.

I am on the last day of my stay-cation, and it has been highly over rated, however I guess I am glad to just be home reading/cleaning/vegging than going to work over the past 7 days. I should be grateful I suppose. I should have gone back to work yesterday. Since I will be working on Turkey day , P and I are doing a nice dinner tonight and then he will be going to his sister’s house on Thursday. And since I am writing this now I get the extra added pleasure of wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving day. As always my hope for you all is that you are surrounded with people that you are truly thankful for and that love and laughter abound at every table across the nation and beyond.I hope and pray that all differences can be set aside for the day (Lord knows they will still be there Friday). And before you ask ….yes yes you may ship me all leftovers up to and including any pumpkin logs, pumpkin pies, green bean casseroles ….ahhh you get the picture. Have fun , be safe and most of all….enjoy each other.


Once Bitten……

Is it me, or are there others of you that get a bit apprehensive about starting a new read when 2 of the past 3  have not grabbed you as you thought they were going to ? When you pick up a book that you think is going to be a gem and find out that it is just a lump of carbon or nicely colored glass. One of the books I read recently even had glowing reviews on goodreads by some friends of mine that I trust. Needless to say, our opinions varied, and that is okay…really. You all don’t ALWAYS have to agree with me, although it is highly advisable as I seem to be right , for the most part, at least 75% of the time.

Part of the problem lies with me, I suppose. I am trying to branch out, read some things not in my usual hit list of spy/espionage, thriller , or cop books and , for that reason GR has been a great help. I feel that I have branched out greatly and have gained alot from that,with only good things to come. Along with that I am sure I will also run across some more that are not to my liking and that is okay as well.

I said all of that to say this next part. Yesterday I had some free time and some cash in my pocket, the two are a deadly combo, especially when I have nothing at home I wish to read. So, I grabbed my bus pass and headed on down to Powell’s yesterday. I am quite proud of myself because I only walked away with 2 books, both slightly used and both Authors that I have never read before. John Irving and Wally Lamb.

From the John Irving stacks I got A Prayer for Owen Meany , and from Wally Lamb I chose I Know This Much Is True. With the Irving I got lucky, because there was a nice lady there who LOVED LOVED LOVED Irving he is her FAVORITE. We put our heads together and out of 2 other choices ( Widow for one Year and Son of the Circus ) she told me to start with A Prayer For Owen Meany. Wally Lamb I had no such mentor for, but IKTMIT struck me as interesting. As I left, and got back on the Max , one thought did strike me as odd. Of these 2 authors/books I have not seen a whole lot of male readers of either……maybe that is just me being weird but as I recall over the years I have seen many women with these much more so then men , just a fact, at least I did not walk out with Twilight or New Moon under my arm. I started the Lamb book last night and am enjoying it so far.