Is it me, or are there others of you that get a bit apprehensive about starting a new read when 2 of the past 3  have not grabbed you as you thought they were going to ? When you pick up a book that you think is going to be a gem and find out that it is just a lump of carbon or nicely colored glass. One of the books I read recently even had glowing reviews on goodreads by some friends of mine that I trust. Needless to say, our opinions varied, and that is okay…really. You all don’t ALWAYS have to agree with me, although it is highly advisable as I seem to be right , for the most part, at least 75% of the time.

Part of the problem lies with me, I suppose. I am trying to branch out, read some things not in my usual hit list of spy/espionage, thriller , or cop books and , for that reason GR has been a great help. I feel that I have branched out greatly and have gained alot from that,with only good things to come. Along with that I am sure I will also run across some more that are not to my liking and that is okay as well.

I said all of that to say this next part. Yesterday I had some free time and some cash in my pocket, the two are a deadly combo, especially when I have nothing at home I wish to read. So, I grabbed my bus pass and headed on down to Powell’s yesterday. I am quite proud of myself because I only walked away with 2 books, both slightly used and both Authors that I have never read before. John Irving and Wally Lamb.

From the John Irving stacks I got A Prayer for Owen Meany , and from Wally Lamb I chose I Know This Much Is True. With the Irving I got lucky, because there was a nice lady there who LOVED LOVED LOVED Irving he is her FAVORITE. We put our heads together and out of 2 other choices ( Widow for one Year and Son of the Circus ) she told me to start with A Prayer For Owen Meany. Wally Lamb I had no such mentor for, but IKTMIT struck me as interesting. As I left, and got back on the Max , one thought did strike me as odd. Of these 2 authors/books I have not seen a whole lot of male readers of either……maybe that is just me being weird but as I recall over the years I have seen many women with these much more so then men , just a fact, at least I did not walk out with Twilight or New Moon under my arm. I started the Lamb book last night and am enjoying it so far.