when to keep their opinions to themselves.


I am angry…..oh so very angry. While glancing at my FB feed today I ran across the story of the 2 Southern Preachers who are advocating my death……. MY DEATH, in their righteous ANGER. People we live in a world where families are pulled apart, ripped to shreds because a 12 or 13 year old kills themselves because they feel pressured to be like everyone else, they feel abnormal because of who they love, or because they feel they are not MANLY enough . These PILLARS of their communities are the same people who try to invalidate my 11 year relationship, turning it into something unhealthy and VILE and yet…..and yet. I can say without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I have been loved more, better, longer than some of them will ever be.

We live in a world where it is okay for a 4 YEAR OLD to stand in a PULPIT and sing about how certain people will be barred from GOD, and they get praised for it. Back Slaps and Belly laughs all around right GOOD OL’ BOYS….. FUCK YOU. YOU should stop pretending that you know the HEART of GOD. I have been to your meetings…… I have swallowed more shit from you all than I ever should have. I have one person to thank and that is GOD because he showed me that he is LOVE he is LIGHT and ALL that is GOOD. One of the GREATEST things I took away from Bible college is that GOD is a GOD of LOVE and that ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM HIM. It is the other guy that teaches HATE and says it is OKAY to bully from a position of POWER because the little Lambs will swallow it HOOK LINE AND SINKER.

I would say I don’t know how you sleep at night, but I do know. You put on your blinders and think that you did good by saying THAT ANYONE WHO loves, who you don’t agree with or don’t understand  should just be put to death……Simple solution….too bad it won’t work.

**** Stil Angry but stopping there *****