Our new apt is powered by natural gas, heater, stove, hot water, the whole kit and kaboddle. Which is great, in Portland, my gas bill was never over $50.00 if that. It is quick, it is efficient……….lets pause there shall we…..efficient. I think we can all agree that natural gas is efficient, no? Well, of course it is, you say, with a smirk. For the most part I would agree, unless we are talking about setting up said natural gas. Especially when you live in an area that only has one provider, and that provider handles more than 1 state. Upon arrival, actually, no from like Nebraska, when calling to check on all utilities, I was told that “everything was set up and ready to go”, except the gas part. You see this company handles electric and gas, and even if you very clearly state you are calling to set up both, inadvertently, only one is REALLY set up. I suppose I should be happy I have electric, after all it does power my space heater.

The first appointment I was given was for Nov 12. After I called repeatedly, joining the  “squeakiest wheel/most grease” club, I got an appointment for today. The catch, a 12 HOUR WINDOW, yeah that’s right, they will be showing up anywhere between 8AM and 8 PM. To put things into perspective, during this time frame I could take a bus to Boston, squeeze in some sight seeing and be back before the window closed. They need to hurry, while I love Honey baked ham sandwiches with white american cheese and chex mix….I feel the need for something more, plus the cold showers, while invigorating, are not quite soothing.