I am a gay man, who will be turning 46 this December and am most recently living in Portland,Oregon.Before that we spent 6 lovely years in Maui. I was born in Pennsylvania but was relocated to the South when I was 7 years old. I love having been raised in the South and would not of had it any other way.

I have a Life Partner and we have been together for 10 years. We actually got married in February 15,2006. I totally feel that this man will be the one I am with until the last breath leaves my body. Hopefully, he feels the same way about me. We got a dog shortly after we started dating exclusively. She is our daughter, the princess of the castle and, on most occasions, a spoiled rotten little brat.While on Maui we got her a little sister who is even more of a spoiled rotten brat (if you can believe that) But we love them both just the same. Lola will be 14 in April of ’12, Her Little sister Hoku will be 3 on the 5th of December this year.

I love :

Hosting great dinner parties with friends,Hanging out at the beach all day,Reading,being outside,a good Zinfandel or Merlot,also a good micro brew beer since I lived in Portland,Or. for five years,quality friendships,Jazz,Acid Jazz,Good Dance Music,Just hanging out with really cool people,Coffee,Animals (especially marine life and dogs of course)My Partner and our dog

Favorite Movies:

Arthur,The Princess Bride,Trick,Birdcage,Rent,Dead Poet’s Society,Heathers,Goonies,Pirates of the Caribbean,Back to the future12&3,The Count of Monte Cristo,To Kill a Mockingbird,Mommy Dearest,Xmen 12&3,Chronicles of Narnia,The Davinci Code and many many more

Favorite Authors :Jonathan Kellerman,Daniel Silva,Tad Williams,Harlan Coben,Jeffery Deavers,David Hewson,John Connolly,Michael Connelly,Peter Robinson,Dean Koontz, Peter Straub,Robert Ludlum,Mark Frost and many many more.I love to read.

** Disclaimer: The picture you see above was taken at my 40th birthday party,I am a little inebriated.I don’t always look like such a dork  **