Okay Kids Here we go ……I hope I can make it to 100. I was born in Allentown, Pa. on Dec 22,1965 ( yes that makes me 42)
2) I have also lived in ( in no particular order) Texas,Alabama,Pa.(again),California,Oregon and now live in Maui.

3) I am very nomadic by nature.

4) Knew since I was 13 that I would live in California one day , got there when I was 27.

5) My 2 sisters and I were adopted by my step-father who had 5 children by a previous marriage bringing our total to 8 children.

6) I was second to last, but with just my 2 sisters I was the middle child.

7) We had 4 boys and 4 girls.

 8: One of my brothers is dead.

9) He died in a tragic motorcycle accident when I was a teenager.

10) I hate motorcycles.

11) Even though I had 3 sets of grandparents, none of them are around today.

12) We moved to Alabama when I was 7.

13) Though I would not like to live in Bama again, I am very glad that I was raised in the South.

14) I hate when people speak ill of the South, especially if they have never even been there.Sure there are alot of idiots in the South and I am not excusing any of them , but you can’t tell me that your state or region is idiot free can you ?

15) While in Texas we lived in the ‘burbs of Houston. I didn’t really care for it too much.

16) School was a purely social activity for me. If I could do it over I would have applied myself alot more in school( not that I am stupid ..I’m just sayin).

17) I took ROTC in high school to get out of PE.

18) When I was little if i couldn’t go to sleep my mom would take me for a drive. I would then be out like a light in no time.

19) To this day I still get extremely tired while driving.

20) To get to sleep these days I have to have some kind of background noise.I used to use music,now I just use a fan.

21) Even though I was raised in the South I have no accent to speak of.

22) #21 was not really accurate, I get an accent when I am really drunk, really tired or if I have just finished speaking to my family(yes, they all have the Southern accent).

23) I can, however,turn on the accent if and when it suits me.

24) Yes ,I have used it to get dates in the past.

25) In some things I was a late bloomer,didn’t know I was gay until i was 17, didn’t get drunk until I was 21 and didn’t have sex with a guy until I was 18.

26) I think that being a man of your word is one of the best traits to have.

27) I try to live my life 97.5% lie free.

28) I have been a member of all of the following religions at one time in my life:Presbyterian,Methodist,Lutheran,Episcipalean, Southern Baptist ,Charismatic and Non-Denominational.

29) I went to Bible College.

30) I have a bachelors degree in Theology.

31) At one time I wanted to be the pastor of my own church.

32) I now have no time for organized religion and their hate mongering ways.

33) I had to come out to my family twice ,pre and post Bible college

34) Right after graduation I went to party with my ‘mo friends.

35) During my heyday it was not unusual to find me in one of Huntsville’s two gay bars Wednesday – Sunday night.

36) I was part of the gay semi-elite in Huntsville for a time.

37) I don’t miss it (much)

38) We rarely ever go out anymore.

39) I have had 2 long term relationships in my life one lasted 7 years and this one is going on 6 )

40) I am a firm believer in monogamy.

41) I am a big time romantic.

42) I tend to be an optimist most of the time.

43) I have a great love for animals (dogs mostly) .

44) I am also fascinated with marine life.

45) Dolphins and sea horses are my 2 favorites.

46) Hopefully, I will never live far from the ocean again.

47) I am still very good friends with my x of 7 years we speak at least twice a month.

48) We make much better friends than we did partners.

49) I am 100% certain that I will be with my current partner ’til we die.

50) I hope he feels the same way about me )

51) Yes, it is a great feeling.

52) Due to a couple of bad throat infections when I was younger I have a very unique voice.

53) Some even say muppet-like.

54) I still have my tonsils and my appendix.

55) I rarely get sick.

56) Up until April 25,2005 I had not had a broken bone.

57) On April 25,2005 I fell at work and shattered my right knee cap into 4 pieces.

58) The impact of the fall also ripped through muscles and tendons in my upper and lower leg.

59) Both the surgeon and the physical therapists say I did a great job of making up for never breaking a bone in 39 years.

60) They thought it likely that I might have to walk with a cane,luckily, they were wrong.

61) I was in a full leg brace for 6 months out of the first year that I lived here on Maui.

62) Due to the surgery and the brace I developed blood clots and could have died. I was in ICU for 4 days.

63) Like a good ‘mo I have done some community theater.

64) 8 of us thespians lived in the same house for a Summer.

65) We all swore we would be in each others lives forever.

66) As of 2005 it has been at least 5 years since I heard from any of them.

67) I am not bitter , life takes us all in different directions.

68) I would love to get back into theater but my current job allows no time for crazy rehearsal schedules and shows.

69) I have had a reading done by a friend of mine .

70) Alot of what he saw was very accurate about me .

71) He said I have 3 guardian spirits around me at all times.

72) I have some curiosity about these experiences.

73) I have also had my palm read.

74) I believe strongly in past lives , but can’t explain why .

75) I also believe that souls who have been around each other in past lives migrate to each other ( Hence the ” I feel like I’ve known you forever” phenomenon).

76) Despite the fact I believe these things I am not a flake )

77)  I am a pack rat.

78) I am a collector.

79) I collect watches,pens and coffee mugs.

80) I am the king of overstatement, if i’ve said this once i’ve said it 20 million times.

81) 100 is harder than I thought.

82) I used to be an extreme extrovert.

83) I tend to be getting more introverted the older I get.

84) I still try to be fairly spontaneous.

85) I am not too fond of heights.

86) Flying doesn’t bother me though.

87) I am obsessed with all things British.

88) My heritage is Irish/Welsh.

89) I get extremely anxious in large crowds.

90) I used to love AOL chat rooms.

91) I actually reconnected with my biological father through AOL for a short time.

92) My biological father is gay.

93) I am almost done with my 100 things.

94) Fall is my favorite time of the year.

95) I love the holidays, and since being an adult have never had a fake tree at Christmas.

96) I have driven cross-country once , from Bama to California.

97) I think everyone should do it at least once.

98) Seeing the Grand Canyon or the Ocean make me realize how small we Humans are in the scheme of things.

99)  I want to go to Europe and Greece.

100) Even though I lived in Bama most of my life I never made it to Disney World until I was 40 .

Now you know most likely alot more than you ever needed to about me , hope it wasn’t too boring )

~ by ScottK on March 25, 2006.